Payment and banking details

Bank details

Individual Entrepreneur Shevyakov Roman Mikhailovich

Legal address/Actual address:

191002 Lomonosov str. 14-8

INN 780423083960

P/s 40802810097011001682


to/from 30101810300000000866

BIC 044030866

Payment methods

  • Pay at check-in

    By choosing this payment method, you do not make an advance payment for the reservation. Get a booking confirmation to the email address you provided when booking and present it at check-in.

  • Bank card Visa, MasterCard, MIR

    The cost of the first night of stay reservation is paid. The rest is upon check-in. 

    The cash receipt in electronic form will be provided by ComfortBooking. You will receive it after payment to the email address you provided when booking. Closing documents confirming the fact of residence and the provision of services for the entire period will be provided to you by a means or an accommodation facility.

    Payment processing is carried out by the processing system PayAnyWay.